Things You Should Check Before You Buy a Spin Bike

Things You Should Check Before You Buy a Spin Bike

Spinning is indeed considered as one of the best fitness activities leading to brilliant results. However, what you fail to understand is that it can become a sour experience if you do not bring home the right spin bike. With so many designs and models easily available in the market, it is quite possible to find someone making the wrong choice as far as choosing the bike is concerned. It is not so much about a good bike or bad bike, all it takes is some looking around in order to find the right bike for your body type and keeping in mind other aspects.

I will show you the best recumbent exercise bike reviews.

Check for Adjustability Feature

Not everyone can find the desired comfort on just about any kind of spin bike. For which, you need to have certain adjustability features present in the design. For instance, if you have adjustability knobs, you can be rest assured to have a good experience on the bike because you can change the height of the seat, handle bar etc. So, overall if you find such knobs present on the model, surely it is going to be of great use.

exerpeutic-lx9-training-cycle-300x300Check the Flywheel

Not many are aware but the fact is that a flywheel is a very important aspect of a spin bike. A lot of people overlook its importance and later on try to figure out the reason behind their dissatisfaction with the bike. In every spinning bike, you will have to check on the weight of the flywheel, this wheel determines the proper spinning of the bike and you need to check how much it weighs. It should coincide with your body weight to an extent that it does not shake or wobble when you ride on the bike. Given that some people choose to intensify their workouts at regular intervals, a lighter flywheel will restrict them from doing so. Therefore, keep this important criterion in mind.

Check for Features

These days, bikes come with a bundle of features, allowing you to enjoy every bit of your experience with the spin bike. If you are someone who likes fancy features, you get bikes with USB port, MP3 connectivity, LCD screen etc. but along with these fancy features, make sure you check for basic features like the seat material whether it is padded or not, quality of the pedals and pedaling belts, water bottle holder etc. While you are checking on these aspects, you know for sure if the chosen spin bike fulfills your requirements or not.


People who wish to settle for the best and most suitable spin bike, they must do the necessary drill before taking a final decision. Keeping in mind handful of things, checking upon them before taking the final plunge is only going to lead to a reliable investment. Above-mentioned criteria have been penned down for your benefit, helping you check on specifically for few aspects and in turn take the final decision accordingly. After all, for the money you spend on a spinning bike, it should be able to deliver the suitable results as well.

Why The Recumbent Spin Bike Is Better?

Why The Recumbent Spin Bike Is Better?

best-spin-bikes-reviewsSpin Bikes themselves are a great change to the normal Indoor Stationary Bikes. They have one or both wheels of the bike spinning, giving the user a ‘Closer to the Real World Feel’. But the workouts seem to get tedious quite soon owing to the small and hard saddles on these bikes. The Recumbent Spin Bikes have Bucket-Shaped, Broader Saddles which are closer to the ground, making biking easier for sedentary cyclists.
Some of the other reasons why Recumbent Bikes are considered the better option are as follows.

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• Suitable to Most.
Its design is such that most people, especially beginners and aged people find it easy to work out on these. Though its calorie output may be slightly lower than most other types it is considered the best because of the ease with which people can carry out longer workout on these.
• Up-Hill Workouts.
These bikes can simulate up-hill pedalling, which is absent from most other models of Spin Bikes. The workouts can also be made more intensive by adding suitable weights. Thus it helps to overcome the shortcomings of the other spin bikes.
• Better Posture.
Sitting Lower to the ground provides you’re a safer option. Users on most bikes tend to Hunch Forward, which affects their spinal cord, causing stiffness of the back.
• No Standing!
Commonly users tend to stand up while pedalling when it gets more difficult. This gives more pressure to the knee joints, causing pain when the workout extends longer than usual. Recumbent Spin Bikes will prevent the above due to its design.
• Versatile Workouts.
The workout on a Recumbent Spin Bike will prove upper-body advantages too along with the lower body muscle building. This gives the body a uniform growth and structure. If the seats can be adjusted to make the legs go up higher, it may also prove to be a good workout for your abs. This helps to target multiple areas in the comfort of your home while watching TV or listening to stimulating music. Giving you more time at the Gym for effective Weight Training.
_580_1000_90_5737795221147116713• A Man’s Best Friend.
The Saddle of this bike is broader and bucket shaped making the seat more comfortable for men. This is because most other bikes have smaller saddles with a shape, which causes discomfort felt only by men.

• And Leaner, Longer Legs for Women.
The Recumbent Spin Bikes along with their innovative design helps to add more resistance to the workout giving women more scope to exercise different muscles. Target areas not only include their Thighs and Hamstring but also their Glutes or Buttock Areas. Polling across most countries suggest that women find it difficult to accommodate Gymming in their busy domestic schedules. A Recumbent Spin Bike installed at your home is the perfect solution to this problem.
Indoor Biking is a choice made by many different people. Businessmen, Athletes, Models etc. it meets all their fitness requirements keeping them within the stringent limits of their busy schedules. Then why not make this biking more comfortable by choosing the better Spin Bike Design which suits all your needs.

7 Ways A Spin Bike Improves Your Health.

7 Ways A Spin Bike Improves Your Health.

product1_22902_600x600A Spin Bike is like no other kind of instrument in the Gym. It provides an excellent means for losing your calories and building a Physical and Mental Endurance. Most workouts will, over a long run cause degrading effects to your Muscles and Bones. The Balanced effects of Spin Biking will prevent such harmful effects to a great extent

Some Benefits of Spin Biking are:

  1. Calorie Burning

No other cardio routines can achieve the amount of calories burnt which a regular workout session on a Spin bike provides. Spin Biking Exercise routines can burn on an average 500 Calories.

  1. Cardiovascular Health Benefits

Spin Biking will not only help augment your Lung Capacity but also improve your Heart’s Health. This sort of exercise requires Controlled Breathing, which may help with anxiety and also help to lower the Heart Rate in situations where your heart begins to race due to any sort of exertion and we feel Breathless.

  1. Low Impact Workout

For most people the traumatic impact of exercise routines on the Treadmill, stair stepper or the elliptical on their knees and feet put them off exercising altogether. However, the Spin bike helps to keep the Knees and Feet Pressure Free. It helps you to carry out even rigorous workouts on the bike without worrying about pain or any debilitating effects. Also, people suffering from Arthritis find such exercise beneficial.

  1. Shaping your Legs

It is obvious that Spin Biking will help shaping your legs according to your desires. It targets muscle group in the Legs thus, helping to develop your Hamstrings, Calves and Thighs.

  1. Lowering the Breaking Point of your Workout

Any kind of Workout has a point which is exhaustive will help you find your body’s Breaking Point. This is the point in a workout after which exertion will start kicking in. But, as most athletes have found this is useful for those working out as it gives you a natural kick of Endorphins, or happiness hormones that helps to uplift your mood if you continue to work through the Breaking Point. Spin Biking helps to lower this Breaking Point. This will help you to Feel good about your workout without using any Pain Suppression Drugs for the rest of the day.

  1. spin-bikeAbdominal Exercise

Rhythm Release is a technique where your Body moves from one side to another while in a slightly Bent Position. This helps to develop your Central abdominal muscles as well as those on the sides of it. Spin Biking with its slow pace will help you to achieve this at its best. Though the results may take some time, they are an assurance.

  1. Greater Mental Strength

Spinning helps you mentally. While Spin Biking you need not keep your eyes open, this helps you keep your eyes closed while working out and allow the physical exertion to be an outlet for pent-up feelings and emotions.

Spin Biking like most other exercises also helps to build your Mental Resolve. It teaches you to work through your difficult times and build an endurance for obstacles both Physically and Mentally.

Stationary exercise bikes

Stationary exercise bikes

Stationary exercise bikes are an amazing way of keeping in the peak of strength and healthy and of losing weight too, when mixed with a healthy eating plan.

Exercising on a spin bike is a cardiovascular or aerobic exercise which fundamentally means that it is superb for a healthy heart and for raising the effectiveness of your blood circulation. The two terms aerobics and cardio in this content mean generally these selfsame item.

Exercising on a spin bike

Exercising on a spin bike

There are many kinds of aerobic fitness exercise including cycling. Best ones include swimming, walking and jogging. Cycling is very famous because different from many other top impact exercises like running there is a lot less resistance on the joints. It is understood that cycling outdoor likewise can be top surprise on these joints to a certain extent, which is one of the factors why so many individuals select to use their spin exercise bikes to obtain all the advantages of cycling exercise in the security of their own house.

Many people recognise that cycling outside is a dangerous thing to do with so much traffic on the highways these days. Additional, there are a surprising number of people who have not learned to ride a bike; their blushes as well as their fitness will be preserved by the choice of a spin bike!

Finally, there is the ease of access. It is some easy to simply jump on your exercise bike in your lounger, you can exercise while listing the music or watching TV, whilst not having to be worried about what the weather is doing outside and it is going to snow or even rain if you had been riding in the open air.

No doubts about the terrain. The routes you come across on your skin bike are the ones you have programmed into the stationary bike yourself!

There is no doubt about it a spin bike is the foremost method to get healthy and fit. The aerobic exercise program that you verify on your skin bike is beneficial for your body in many ways.  Static cycling is excellent for joint mobility, it is specially perfect for cardio exercise, that is so beneficial for lungs and hearts, and so bettering your metabolic rate.

For a true biking experience, you should try the upright bike

For a true biking experience, you should try the upright bike

If you need to decrease weight you need to speed up your metabolic rate. When you are following a calorie restricted diet as part of the weight loss program, your metabolic rate is a vital part. Your metabolic rate rules the full number of calories that your body users when you are resting.

Now, your best priority is to buy your own spin bike if you still don’t have one. You should put your heart into this health training by putting in your money first. This way you would get perfect results. There are two kinds of stationary bike to select from: recumbent or upright. You need a recumbent bike if you are overweight or you have high back issues. If you are either of this two, you should use the recumbent stationary bike type since it is much relax on the knees and back having a more laid back structure or position. For a true biking experience, you should try the upright bike.